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GEL is an all-purpose mod loader for Nuclear Throne Together that is meant to make loading large numbers of mods much easier, along with providing more information for mods.

GEL Lite has less features (specifically images and readmes), but loads much faster!


 - Loads mods automatically from your mods directory

 - If the mod creator has added them, this will load logos and readmes

 - If the mod creator has not added a logo or readme, you can add them yourself! Just put a text file called "README.txt" or a logo called "LOGO.png"

 - Keeps track of how long and how often you play certain mods

 - Searching, Sorting, and Starring makes finding mods easy

 - Create presets to load a whole pack of mods at once!

Published May 13, 2018
CategoryGame mod
AuthorGolden Epsilon
Tagsntt, nuclear-throne

Install instructions

Drop this into your mod folder (MUST NOT BE IN A FOLDER INSIDE MODS), and at the character select screen of Nuclear Throne Together type "/loadmod GEL", then "/allowmod GEL".


GEL Lite version 1.6 97 kB
GEL version 1.6.1 96 kB

Development log


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Could do some sort of guide i cant find out how to use gel

well, what part are you having trouble with? All the buttons have explanations, and I explained how to get the GUI to show up in the mod description

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well i can open up GEL but cant find out how to add my mods to the loader

sorry for the late reply - loading mods into GEL is just having them in the mods directory - loading them into the game is the checkmark.
If your problem is that the GUI isn't there, you need to do /allowmod GEL first

mods/GEL.mod.gml[1072:13] '113562' (GmlMod) does not have a variable 'current_time_scale' - I cant find that link in the discord mentioned in the comment below, how do i fix this problem?

In the future I'll try to make a permanent fix for it, but for now a quick fix is /ignoremod GEL (it makes it not post error messages)

Alright thank you i will just do that for now :)

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mods/GEL.mod.gml[1072:13] '113562' (GmlMod) does not have a variable 'current_time_scale'

That error constantly loops and actually covers the entire screen when I load this mod, even if I haven't loaded anything before.

Oh, sorry. That's an error from not using the NTT beta. Also, make sure you're using the latest version of gel - I thought I fixed it, and the offending line is on a different line for me. Basically, are you on version 1.5 for GEL?

I am on version 1.5 of GEL and the latest version of NTT

GEL 1.5 hotfix 1? (sorry for being annoying with this, I forgot that I simply named it a hotfix and not the next version) Also, the latest version on the itch is not the latest version - there's a stable beta in the NT discord

Where on the Discord? I can't find it anywhere

The channel description for #co-op_buddies has the link

I tried to create a preset, but when I clicked "All of your Presets", the game just continuously gave me errors similar to the one in the screenshot.

Here are the mods I tried to make a preset with.

I'm not sure where the problem is simply because I've been bugfixing on my own time. I'll put up the latest version of the mod now and let me know if it works (I might've already fixed it)

Seems that the bug fixes have worked, though there are 2 issues I've ran into. When trying to delete a preset, this error pops up and all presets disappear. Reentering the character selection screen and reloading GEL seems to restore it, though. (Note: the preset that I tried to delete was still on the presets menu, after reloading the mod.)

The 2nd issue seems to be related to timescale, but judging by issues I've seen with other mods, this may be because I don't have the NTT BETA. These error messages are also continuously sent, but since the mods have already been loaded, I can just ignore them by using the command "/ignoremod GEL".

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Thank you very much for reporting these! It looks like the error you ran into is for deleting specifically the first preset. Looks like some wackiness with GML and arrays, fixed now. For the constant error messages, though, I can create something to ignore them, I think.
P.S. This is taking longer than I thought, (I think I forgot to finish bugfixing presets before releasing. Doh.) so I'm going to just upload when done. Shouldn't be that much longer.

EDIT: It's up now - can you test it and tell me if it worked?

Seems everything is working fine, now! Thank ya for your cooperation. 👍

The mod stops loading other mods at the point where it attempts to add itself to the list.

it's actually a crash by GEL. I know a quick way to fix, though, because of the error message. I'll be putting a hotfix up asap